Welcome to the Online Help for MigrationStudio and AppTracker

Please refer to this help, and the mini-guides for information on using the products.

Getting around

MigrationStudio is split into its primary sections along the top. Clicking each section name will take you to that part of the product. Each section has a primary grid and its own sub tabs. For more information on these sections click the corresponding topic from the menu tree on the left.
Note: You may not see all of these sections depending on which licence has been purchased

  • Dashboard
    • This is the front page of MigrationStudio.
  • Deployment Units
    • These are collections of User and Applications where you can manage and schedule large groups of users.
  • User Migrations
    • This is your list of individual Users where you can manage their Application requests and migration details.
  • Machines
    • This is your list of machines.
  • AppTracker
    • This is your Application portfolio, tracking the life cycle from an application getting requested through packaging, testing and deployment.